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Articles | February 23, 2017

3 Reasons Why the “Vocation Conversation” Is Critical

by Amy Sherman

[Ed. Note: This article is adapted from a talk Amy Sherman gave at the Denver “Redeeming Work” conference sponsored by Christianity Today Institute September 2014.] Congregational leaders, and especially pastors, often experience people telling them: “This is REALLY important! You MUST preach on this!” The “this” can be all manner of things, from evangelism to […]

MTF News | February 23, 2017

Visit Our Youtube Channel!

by Matt Perman

Many people may not be aware that we have a YouTube channel filled with great interviews and other videos on faith, work, and economics integration. Here are a few highlights: Work is Beautiful: The Florist’s Story. This is one of our most talked about videos, which is often shown at conferences. It is an inspiring […]

Articles | February 22, 2017

What Does Our Tagline Mean? Why We Are a Pastors’ Network for the Common Good

by Matt Rusten

You may have noticed our tagline in the top left side of our site: “A pastors’ network for the common good.” It strikes some as an odd phrase–the common good. What is that? And why would it be a part of our tagline? Simply put, seeking the common good is the idea of pursuing actions […]

MTF News | February 22, 2017

Messages from Our Past Common Good Conferences

by Matt Perman

Now that registration is open for CG2017, let me point you to something related that may be of interest: the content from our prior CG conferences. CG2015 You can learn all about CG2015 by browsing the tabs for the conference archive on our site, and even see a few pictures. You will also see that […]

Interviews | February 21, 2017

“Every Business Decision is a Theological Decision:” An Interview with CEO Eric Stumberg

by Amy Sherman

Amy Sherman had the chance to  interview Eric Stumberg, CEO of Tengo Internet. He founded the company in 2002 and today it has 30 employees. Eric’s company provides commercial grade, outdoor Wi-Fi services. Tengo Internet works with the owners of RV parks, camp grounds, and other outdoor recreational facilities to provide consistent wi-fi for the travelers […]

Interviews | February 21, 2017

Discipling Millennials: A Conversation with Dr. Kelly Madden of the Boston Fellows Program

by Amy Sherman

Recently Amy Sherman interviewed Dr. Kelly Madden on discipling millennials. Rev. Dr. Kelly Madden is director of the Boston Fellows program, a multi-church initiative focused on whole-life discipleship of young adults. It is a ministry of the Anglican Diocese in New England. ALS (Amy Sherman): Let’s start by having you tell me about the mission of […]

MTF News | February 18, 2017

Call for Papers for CG2017

by Luke Bobo

We accepting proposals for papers that address our CG2017 conference theme of churches for the common good. Our hope is to capture concrete expressions of local churches engaged in cultural renewal for the common good – either activities being done or opportunities being explored. To apply, please submit your proposal per the directions outlined in the request […]