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Book Reviews and Summaries | November 21, 2017

Book Recommendation for Congregational Worship and Prayer

by Luke Bobo

How can churches celebrate, encourage, and pray for their people throughout their varied vocation lifecycles? “I see vocation’s possibilities, questions, joys, and sorrows sitting in the church pews every Sunday. An immigrant search for work. A woman starting a new career after raising children. A couple devastated by an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. A teenager starting to […]

Interviews | November 20, 2017

How Can Pastors Best Lead Professionally Diverse Congregations?

by Luke Bobo

Who has time to think about faith/work integration? Made to Flourish pastor, Kent Duncan suggests that it is not blue-collar workers; they do not have that luxury. Duncan, who pastors a church that is predominantly blue collar and wrote his master’s thesis on blue-collar work and vocation, says that this population has “often not given […]

Articles | November 17, 2017

How You Experience and Reflect God at Work (Interview with Rev. John Van Sloten)

by John Van Sloten, Amy Sherman

Amy: Thanks so much, John, for your very fine book, Every Job a Parable. I think it will be a great help many pastors and congregational leaders. Let’s start with this question: What first sparked your interest in how we can experience God in and through our work? John: It started probably 15 years ago, […]

Articles | November 16, 2017

How Coffee Helped Us Minister to Homeless Youths

In a diverse neighborhood in Pasadena, California, lattes are changing lives. Rev. Dan Davidson came to Pasadena as pastor of the First Free Methodist Church of Pasadena, CA, but when that church closed its doors, he stuck around. Commissioned and ordained to relaunch the church (now Rose City Church), Pastor Dan is committed to staying […]

Articles | November 15, 2017

Pastor, Visit Their Workplace

by Justin Buzzard

Being a pastor means being about relationships. My first responsibility as a pastor is to know and love God. My second is to know and love the people I pastor, encouraging them to flourish in their relationship with God, our church family, and our city. One of the most effective ways I can do this […]

Examples and Stories | November 14, 2017

Positioning the Local Church to Be the Hope of the Community

by Amy Sherman

Twenty-five years ago, Northminster Church faced a reality common to many urban churches: the neighborhood around it was changing. The mainly white congregation was now neighbors to a mainly black community. It was a challenging situation for Senior Minister Sammy Williams. While he was in favor of trying new things to engage and welcome the […]

Examples and Stories | November 9, 2017

Boots on the Ground Discipleship

by Luke Bobo, Terry Timm

How do you rescue discipleship from being strictly a cognitive affair to being ‘boots on the ground’? Christ Community Church of the South Hills wanted their entire ministerial staff (pastors, worship leaders, family and children pastors) to embody the importance of all work. How does Christ Community Church of the South Hills accomplish this feat? […]

Interviews | November 7, 2017

How This Church Helps Teachers Connect their Work with the Gospel

by Delano Sheffield, Luke Bobo

What vocations are represented in your church? For each of those industries, your church has an opportunity to help people see what the gospel means for their specific day-to-day duties and skills. One practical way to do this is to mentor a cohort of workers in a specific industry to talk about how they serve […]

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