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Integration Tools | June 5, 2017

The Pastor’s Challenge: Workplace Visitations

Pastors tend to meet their congregants at church or in a home, or perhaps at a neutral site like a coffee shop. Less common is when a pastor goes out to meet a congregant where they spend the majority of their time—in the workplace. Since people spend the majority of their lives outside of church […]

Articles | June 22, 2017

Vocational Liturgies: Discipleship at Work

We continue to encourage pastors to find tools that will help their congregants cultivate their own discipleship in the places where they spend the majority of their lives outside of church each week – their work. In You Are What You Love: The Spiritual Power of Habit, author James K.A. Smith defines discipleship as “a […]

Articles | June 20, 2017

The Discipleship Dynamics Assessment

How do we know our disciple-making is effective? The deliverables of pastoral portfolios are scored quantitatively and then assessed by testimonies. And, thankfully, much good takes place as people gather to examine the Word, pray and share life. But we need a fresh approach. We are busier than ever, yet wondering if our efforts are […]

Articles | June 15, 2017

Enthused Pastor in the Urban Core

by Luke Bobo

I interviewed my good friend, Cedric Rowan for this piece.  Cedric and I have been friends over 30 years. We attended the same public high school in Kansas City, MO, and the the University of Kansas together.  Cedric pastors First Baptist Church in Kansas City, KS.  I refer to him as Ced. (Luke) How long […]

Articles | June 13, 2017

How Congregants Reflect God’s Labor

Earlier this month, we challenged our network pastors to visit their congregants at their workplaces – and you can still participate in The Pastor’s Challenge: Workplace Visitations. Whether you’ve been visiting congregants for awhile or are boldly taking this step this summer, we encourage our pastors to keep looking for ways to better interact with […]

Articles | June 8, 2017

A Simple Audit of Weekly Worship

While there is a growing movement of churches around the country working to better educate and equip their congregation members in the area of faith and work, it strikes me as a worship leader that we often overlook one of the most basic opportunities for formation in this area each week – that is, the […]

Articles | June 6, 2017

Now What? Practical Ways Churches Help People Connect Sunday to Monday

by Matt Rusten

In preaching, there is always a move from the “what” of the text (exegesis), to the “so what?” of the text (hermeneutics), to the “now what?” (application) for our lives. What is the text saying? So what? Now what? A similar move is necessary when churches seek to help people connect faith to everyday work […]

Articles | June 2, 2017

Millennials are Leaving the Church, Who Cares?

This article was written by Natasha Sistrunk Robinson and originally posted by Missio Alliance on March 6, 2017. Millennials are leaving the Church. That’s the conclusion that is drawn from much of the recent readings. The statement is only partially true, however, and it presents a great opportunity for the evangelical church to reconsider how she approaches […]