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MTF News | February 18, 2017

Call for Papers for CG2017

by Luke Bobo

We accepting proposals for papers that address our CG2017 conference theme of churches for the common good. Our hope is to capture concrete expressions of local churches engaged in cultural renewal for the common good – either activities being done or opportunities being explored. To apply, please submit your proposal per the directions outlined in the request […]

Articles | February 13, 2017

A New Book: Work and Our Labor in the Lord

by Matt Perman

James Hamilton’s excellent book on faith and work is now out. It is called Work and Our Labor in the Lord.  Here is my endorsement: “The Bible has much more to say about work than we often think! Hamilton shows us just how central work is to the biblical storyline and God’s plan to fill the […]

Integration Tools | February 12, 2017

Visit Your People Where They Work

by David Gill

For twenty years I have been urging pastors to visit at least one of the workplace members of their congregation per month in their workplace environment, whether that is an office downtown, a factory, a farm, a restaurant, or a day care center.  Wherever our people work, let’s go visit them.  So often we meet […]

Integration Tools | February 11, 2017

Six Specific Steps To Connect Pastors To Their Workplace Disciples

by David Gill

It is a rare pastor who has any trouble seeing the biblical mandate — and the practical importance —- of connecting with the day-to-day, in-the-trenches lives of one’s congregants.  It is right there in front of us in Scripture and in the life challenges of our people. But it is also rare to find workplace […]

Integration Tools | February 10, 2017

Commission Your People for Their Work

by David Gill

We believe and we say that Jesus Christ is Lord of the whole life, including that one-third or so of our lives we spend working (or preparing/studying for work — or looking for work).  Sometimes we need a visible way to emphasize and even celebrate a theological truth like that.  Here is a simple but […]

MTF News | February 9, 2017

New Website for Discipleship with Monday in Mind

by Matt Perman

Our new ebook, Discipleship with Monday in Mind: How Churches Across the Country Are Helping Their People Connect Faith and Work, now has a new website where you can learn more about it.

Articles | February 9, 2017

Dorothy Sayers on a Different Way of Thinking About Work

by Matt Perman

In her fantastic essay “Why Work,” Dorothy Sayers writes: The habit of thinking about work as something one does to make money is so ingrained in us that we can scarcely imagine what a revolutionary change it would be to think about it instead in terms of the work done. To do so would mean […]