Skill Mapping

As a shepherd over God’s flock, you have the noble calling to both gather the people of God for worship and also commission them as they scatter and participate in God’s mission throughout their daily lives.
Bill Gorman
Christ Community Church
What it is
KNOW your people, THEIR SKILLS, and callings

 To fully understand where God has placed your people — and to help prepare them for those callings — you first have to know about their daily lives and the professional skills and gifts they utilize every day.

Our Skill Mapping survey helps you identify and embrace these various callings and gives you a real-time picture of your church's professional demographics through a catalog of your people’s jobs, skills, and service interests.

Then, during a one-hour consultation call,  we’ll present a written assessment to make your survey results actionable and build a vocationally informed vision for your congregation.

How it Works

Imagine — and plan for — what's possible

01 Start with our free survey

The Made to Flourish Skill Mapping survey uses 14 targeted questions to help you discover the unique vocational and gifting profile of your congregation. Once deployed, the Skill Mapping survey takes just five minutes for each congregant to complete.

02 Apply the results

Our full assessment includes a 60-minute coaching session where one of our coaches will help you process your church's results, and explore how this information can shape or reshape three areas of church life: weekly worship, discipleship and spiritual formation, and missional outreach.

03 Dig deeper.

If you want to take the next step in cultivating a vocationally informed church, the Made to Flourish Church Practicum will help you and your team plan and implement new priorities and practices that minister to and engage your congregants' daily lives.

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Closing the Sunday to Monday gap will require more than hopeful thinking. Honest vocational appraisal is needed to begin doing the important work of equipping others for vocational diligence and faithfulness.
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