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About Us

Closing the Sunday

to Monday Gap.

After years of pastoral ministry, Tom Nelson realized, with regret, he spent the majority of his time preparing Christians in his church for Sunday mornings, neglecting the rest of their lives as workers and participants in the economy.

Work needed a new story. The idea that work is a necessary evil isn’t new. God designed work, from the beginning of creation, to reflect his own work in the world and in us. The goodness of this design gives purpose to our daily lives, even when it is difficult. We separate our lives into what many call the "sacred" and "secular." Church on Sunday, work on Monday.

If God created us as whole persons — persons who live, move, and have our being in a physical world with physical bodies and spiritual needs — our faith converges with our places of work. The sacred and the secular also converge, and God cares about how we live both our spiritual and physical lives.

Closing the gap between Sunday and Monday is why Made to Flourish exists. When Tom realized he committed what he calls “pastoral malpractice,” neglecting to disciple his congregants in the whole of their lives, that sparked a desire to help pastors around the country avoid the same mistake. In 2015, Nelson and a team of church, business, and private sector partners launched Made to Flourish in order to “empower a growing network of pastors” to better engage, equip, and encourage each other as they integrate a more robust theology of faith, work, and economics into their churches.

God designed work, from the beginning of creation, to reflect his own work in the world and in us.
About Us
Our mission

To empower pastors and their churches to integrate faith, work, and economic wisdom for the flourishing of their communities.

1 Empowering Pastors

Made to Flourish’s primary hands-on work is with pastors, utilizing city networks, workshops and online trainings, pastoral residencies, and resource development.

2 Empowering churches

Pastors who flourish help their churches to flourish by integrating faith, work, and economic wisdom in their corporate worship services, discipleship, pastoral practices, and outreach.

Our outcomes

Like carpenters, plumbers, electricians, even teachers and artists, pastors require certain tools to do their job well. Pastors teach their congregations how to live as Christians, helping them better understand what the Bible says about how we live well in the world. But when it comes to Monday mornings either in the office, chasing toddlers, or in a technical field, pastors often lack the tools necessary to equip their congregants for where they spend most of their time every week: at work.

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We Develop.

Flourishing Pastors

Pastors who are growing in their understanding of the connection between faith, work, and economic wisdom, modeling healthy practices of work and rest, and experiencing deepening relationships with other pastors, congregation members, and leaders in the community.

Pastors Lead.

Flourishing Churches

Churches with corporate worship services that lead individuals to worship in every area of their lives, including discipleship pathways that equip congregation members to serve in every sector of society and the work of the congregation is known, affirmed, and celebrated.

Churches Produce.

Flourishing communities

Churches will steward resources for the community with economic wisdom and initiatives will be created and sustained that provide opportunity and build capacity for all through collaborative partnerships formed with other churches and organizations.

About Us

Our Core Values


We are committed to being a community that extends generosity to those around us. We seek to live out generosity in our personal interactions, the excellence of our planning, and the beauty of our surroundings.

02 Entrepreneurial Mindset

We are committed to being a community that has a mindset of innovation. We take risks and seek to constantly improve. We are always asking, “What did we learn?” and “How can we make this better?”

03 Individual Dignity

We are committed to being a community that shows respect for all people. This means we listen across the organization, don’t belittle or ignore anyone’s voice, and seek to understand before being understood.

04 Humble Confidence

We are committed to being a community that exemplifies humility, while holding firm convictions. This means we are not arrogant or divisive in stating our convictions, nor triumphalistic in our expectations.

05 Diverse Perspectives

We are committed to pursuing diverse voices in the conversation around faith, work, and economics. This influences the speakers we choose, participants we invite, staff we hire, and groups we engage.

The biblical Story

The grand narrative of the Bible informs our lives and directs our mission.

The Mission of God

God invites us to participate in his redemption of individuals and renewal of all things.

Personal Wholeness

Essential for effective leadership and human flourishing.

The goodness OF Work

Engaging in work is a primary way we image God.

Economic Wisdom

Essential for glorifying God and loving our neighbor.

The local church

Uniquely designed and empowered to promote human flourishing.

Add your voice to the growing number of pastors who are helping their congregations connect their faith to how they spend most of their time — at work, whether paid or unpaid.
About Us
A community of pastoral practitioners

Our desire is to help connect you with pastors and leaders who are seeking the common good and are committed to a similar mission—empowering the scattered church to live out the gospel in the places they spend most of their time.

National REACH

Our network represents all 50 states and are joined together by one unifying vision: To take the gospel in all its fullness to all dimensions of human reality. Become part of a community of pastoral practitioners from across the country who are learning from one another how to equip their people to follow Christ in all of life.


We believe our mission needs to be contextualized to the neighborhoods around us. That’s why we’ve created local networks in cities across the country—places where pastors are gathering together to share ideas, best practices, and form relationships with like-minded leaders who share a common context.

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Our Team
About Us
A Pastor-First Focus

We believe the local church, as God designed it, is the hope of the world. Our team is committed to serving pastors and leaders, and together, developing flourishing churches who join God’s mission in the midst of his people.

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Vice President of Development

Roni Gonzales Leahy

Development Representative

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Content Editor

Shanna Basden

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Steve Harvey

Executive Assistant to Tom Nelson

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