Work needs a new story. We can feel it. Our relationships with our co-workers, our annual sales goals, and our commutes: they all need a new story.

For most Americans, work doesn’t feel like a purposeful calling. For some, it’s a soul-sucking, endless corporate ladder. For others, it’s a menial, predictable hamster wheel. And for those who are fortunate enough to love their jobs, success and popularity often become idols, and personal worth becomes attached to a job title.

Does work need a new story?

God gives work a new story. In fact, it’s the oldest story in the world: the first work takes place in the garden, faithfully done for an audience of one. So our work, whether paid or unpaid, at home or in the marketplace, is actually designed to be a place of cultivation where we find meaning, become whole people, and take our places in a larger story.

So, maybe it’s not so much a new story as it is a redeemed story.

Made to Flourish exists to bring this story of redemption to pastors, churches, and communities across the country. Through it, pastors become better shepherds to people in the workplace, and Sunday worshipers look outside their church walls for ministry and discipleship opportunities in their Monday-to-Friday work.

This new story also changes many other parts of our lives: how we parent, how we rest, how we participate in the economy, and how we view the work of our fellow image-bearers.

A new approach to work also gives us a new approach to giving.

What should we do with the fruits of our labor? When we view our work hopefully and redemptively, this question is answered in two ways. First, we start to view our personal resources (financial and otherwise) as a chance to contribute to God’s kingdom.

Second, generosity banishes the idols of materialism and greed in our lives, and helps us become more like Christ – our identity is not in earthly possessions, but in the bread of life.

Because of this, we joyfully invite you to support the work of Made to Flourish. In the past year, the Made to Flourish team and our network of pastors made an impact on communities and congregations through resources, conferences, and events designed to equip Christians with a new story for work.

  • 16,000 Common Good magazine circulation
  • 550 Pastors added to the MTF network in 2019
  • 3,048 Pastors in the MTF network (as of 2019)
  • 36 Common Good Conference host sites
  • 957 Common Good Conference attendees
  • 158 City Events hosted in 2019

Our goal is for God’s redemptive purpose for work to reach every Christian. We’re passionate about telling his story, and your gift helps.

Let’s redeem the story of work, together.