Come join us at 10:30 AM for some fellowship with your peers. We will be serving a light snack & Mocha Momma's coffee. Then stay for Made to Flourish, Tom Nelson, and Amy Sherman's webinar on a biblically rich and eminently practical conversation on how to lean into the gift and the mission of flourishing.

In the midst of our broken communities and stressed lives, it can be difficult to believe that God desires our flourishing, provides the way of flourishing, and wants to use us as his agents of flourishing. But God’s promise to strengthen us and bring blessing to others through us is no chimera. Tom and Amy will share insights on the sources and strategies for personal and community flourishing.

Immediately following their presentation, Chef Jeff Catering will serve a buffet lunch at noon, when you'll be invited to eat and enjoy additional conversation at your table. For those attending, you will be provided with two newly released books from Tom Nelson & Amy Sherman. The two books are "The Flourishing Pastor" by Tom Nelson and "Agents of Flourishing" by Amy Sherman.  In addition, everyone will go home with a bag of Mocha Momma's Coffee.