Made to Flourish is committed to training the next generation of healthy, thriving pastors in the context of the local church. Our pastoral residency network offers resources, peer relationships, coaching, and start-up funding to churches interested in beginning and sustaining a pastoral residency program.

A two-day workshop will guide church teams through the following:

  • Assessing readiness to begin a pastoral residency
  • The 6 characteristics of a made to flourish residency
  • Crafting a 5-year and beyond funding model
  • Implementing an action plan

Attendees will hear from practitioners in the pastoral residency field including Kevin Harlan, Tom Nelson, Matt Rusten, and others.


The workshop and accommodations will be at the Crossroads Hotel. Sessions will begin at 3 p.m. on Tuesday, June 8th, and conclude at 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 9th. Attendees will cover the cost of transportation to and from the event, including overnight parking at the hotel if renting a car. Made to Flourish will secure hotel reservations for attendees, cover the guest room cost for the night of the 2nd, and provide all meals throughout the event. A guest room confirmation number will be emailed by Made to Flourish to attendees after May 24, 2021. Hotel reservation requests received from registrations after May 24, 2021 cannot be guaranteed. Cancellations must take place by 3 p.m. central - 48 hours from the arrival date.

For attendees, please note that the Crossroads Hotel is located approximately 30 minutes from Kansas City International Airport.

To learn more about the workshop and registration, email Bethany Van Eps at