Debates over economics are just one of the many divisions roiling our nation and our congregations. More and more, pastors find themselves in the middle of conflicts between proponents of unfettered free market capitalism, and some form of state-driven socialism. Does the Bible endorse either? Are they the only options available to Christians? Pastors frequently feel ill-equipped to navigate these debates.

In this conversation, we’ll walk through biblical and theological reflections on what it means to be human. We will also explore some of the reasoning in the public square and some applications to pastoral ministry when it comes to the economic life we hold in common.

In preparation for this virtual gathering we invite you to read Herman Bavinck's essay:

General Biblical Principles and the Relevance of Concrete Mosaic Law for the Social Question Today.

This 12 page essay will help orient you to some of our discussion topics.

Those of you who are interested in a deeper dive into this subject may want to read the Roman Catholic encyclical Rerum Novarum, or Abraham Kuyper’s The Social Question and Christian Religion. Both works have been published in this one volume by the Acton Institute.