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Connecting Sunday to Monday How can pastors help their people cross the divide?

As pastors, we want our people to grow in their faith and embrace the life-changing truth of the gospel in every aspect of their lives. That’s the goal: to help people follow Christ in every area of life, for the flourishing of our communities, cities, and the world.

The Need: Connecting Faith and Work

But one area where many of our people struggle to make the connection — and where we as pastors often don’t know how to equip our people — is connecting Sunday worship to Monday work.

Most of our lives are spent working (whether paid or unpaid), but rarely do churches consistently address this topic head on. By failing to do so, churches miss the opportunity to minister to their people right where they live. In addition, we may be ignoring an area where many people seal off their faith from their lives.

How We Help: A Network for Pastors

IMG_4891 copyThat’s where Made to Flourish can help. We are a community of pastors that provides training, resources, access to thought leaders, national events, and city network gatherings to help each other connect more meaningfully and deeply with our congregations on a topic that profoundly affects their lives — work.

By teaching your congregation how to connect their faith with work and the economy, you help them to fully follow Jesus in all of life.

Join Us!

There are no dues or fees involved with joining the network. We exist solely to provide you with relationships and resources to strengthen your ministry. We do ask that you enthusiastically share our core values and mission, which you can find in our terms of membership agreement.


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