Navigating life after college is difficult. Friendships change, transitions are tough, and answering the "right" call to work may feel like a job in and of itself. Regardless of how you feel about this new chapter — excited, enthusiastic, anxious, or nervous — answering the "call" to work after years of endless homework, curated schedules, and fewer limits on free time can often leave us feeling worked up, for one reason or another. Let's face it: Adulthood is hard.

If you're in a season of change after college, Worked Up is for you. Diving into complex issues like faith, work, calling, and anxiety, the authors of this book aim to give you a solid foundation in a season that feels uncertain.

For all the weary college students, the stressed-out high schoolers, and those shackled by anxiety surrounding the future, this book is for you. This book is intended to serve you as you navigate all of life’s callings both in this season and the seasons ahead.

Worked Up isn't only for reading. It includes sections for you to brainstorm, engage with the material, and work out your thoughts about career and calling. Take it with you as you go to coffee shops, the park, or even your job and use it as a guide (along with Scripture) to help you take the next step in where God is leading you.

Work doesn't have to make us worked up, and taking time to reflect, pray, and consider what's best next is what this book will help you do!