Your congregation is full of people with different skills and gifts they utilize everyday. Homemakers. Accountants. Designers. As you consider how to help them connect their Sunday faith with their Monday work, it's important to take inventory. To know your people. And to know your community's needs, and how those gifts help pursue the common good.

Asking questions like

• What vocational expertise and experience do your congregants possess?
• In what sectors of society do they work?
• What particular gifts, skills, and passions do they have that could contribute to various types of community outreach?

As a church leader, knowing the answers to these questions is vital to stewarding well the gifts within your flock.

The First Step

This free, downloadable survey is the first step toward learning more about your church's human capital assets. Here are two options to get you started:

[1] Print this pdf and distribute to your congregants with clear instructions; or

[2] Copy the information in this document into an online survey platform of your choice (e.g., Survey Monkey) and invite congregants to participate. Ensure the survey is formatted for easy reading on mobile devices.

Once the surveys are completed, collate the data. This will be different depending on the method you use (print or online survey). We recommend adding the data to your church's database for easy, centralized access.

What's Next?

Our Skill Mapping Survey is the first step to help you and your church develop, institute, and lead initiatives that make a difference in your community. Want to dive deeper? Check out our Stewarding Church Assets workshop or contact us to inquire about our consultation services to help you discover and utilize the organizational assets God has provided within your church.