Your congregation is full of people with different skills and gifts they utilize everyday. Homemakers. Accountants. Designers. As you consider how to help them connect their Sunday faith with their Monday work, it's important to take inventory. To know your people. And to know your community's needs, and how those gifts help pursue the common good.

Asking questions like

• What vocational expertise and experience do your congregants possess?
• In what sectors of society do they work?
• What particular gifts, skills, and passions do they have that could contribute to various types of community outreach?

As a church leader, knowing the answers to these questions is vital to stewarding well the gifts within your flock.

Discover your church's human capital assets with our free survey tool.

The Skill Mapping survey uses 14 targeted questions to help you discover the unique vocational and gifting profile of your congregation. The survey results produce a catalog of your peoples’ jobs, skills, and service interests. Once deployed, the survey takes just five minutes for each congregant to complete. You'll gain access to the collected data at no cost, and you can choose to include a customized report of your data plus additional coaching with our Skill Mapping assessment.

To get started select a reporting method, finalize the check-out process, and we will set you up with our online survey tool to help you get the highest response rate from your congregation. You can always start with the free survey and choose to get the full assessment later in the process.

Download this pdf if you wish to capture responses via printed surveys (our Skill Mapping assessment will not be available if you choose this method).

Dive deeper with our coaching and customized report.

Our survey tool is the first step to help you and your church develop, institute, and lead initiatives that make a difference in your community. With our full assessment, you'll get a comprehensive picture of your congregations’ professional demographics — what percentage of your congregation works in particular fields such as health care or education, what areas of service your members’ share interest, where in your community is your congregation most gifted to engage, and more.

Make sense of what's possible.

To help you process the data and begin taking steps to let it inform your practice, we will walk you through all of our findings during a 60 minute coaching session that will include practical and contextualized conversation around three areas of church life: weekly worship, discipleship and spiritual formation pathways, and missional outreach. Our time together will jumpstart your imagination for what's possible as you build a vocationally informed vision for your congregation.

Skill mapping your congregation is a practical way to help you know, affirm, and commission the work of your people wherever God has placed them. Got questions? Contact us and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.