How can churches connect Sunday worship and Monday work for congregants?

Most people spend the majority of their lives at work, whether as lawyers or construction workers, stay-at-home parents or globe-trotting executives. The gospel’s redemptive power affects every part of life, including our jobs.

In this second edition of Discipleship with Monday in Mind, there are 16 interviews plus many creative examples from pastors around the country who are integrating faith, work, and economics for their congregations and local context. This resource is a concise and practical guide that will help pastors practically show their churches the importance of an applied theology of the goodness of everyday work.

Gather and study with peers

Pastors can find themselves feeling isolated, even if they are constantly surrounded by other people. At Made to Flourish, we think good things happen when pastors commit to meet, grow in support, and learn with one another. To help facilitate that kind of community, you can purchase Discipleship with Monday in Mind in packs of 10, along with this free downloadable discussion guide.

Not looking for multiple copies? Download a digital pdf version and start reading immediately. Single physical copies can be purchased via Amazon.