Common Good Conference 2020 brought together 11 speakers to encourage you in your daily work, whatever that looks like these days. Whether you're a pastor, a business leader, or a supporting employee or family member, your work is important. And remembering God's presence within your work is essential for pursuing the common good and the flourishing of those around us.

Session 1: Framing the Common Good

How can you pursue the good of others through your work? In this session, Andy Crouch focuses on redemptive work, and poses the idea that the “core of it is thinking sacrificially, thinking about how to offer something freely to the world that could actually not just improve the world, but renew and restore it.” And Jo Saxton shares her work journey, and encourages listeners to ask the question, “When I don’t know what to do, who can I serve?” — a good practice in all of life, but also when your calling and career seems uncertain or undefined.

Session 2: Business for the Common Good

Both Jessica Kim and Sheeba Phillip work with businesses that promote the flourishing of their communities and the workers they employ through Ianacare and Akola Jewelry. In this session, Kim discusses how entrepreneurship is an opportunity to “take everything that we have, all of our skill sets, our personality, our networks, and to apply it to creating a solution that helps fill that gap to enable people to flourish until Christ comes back again.” And both speakers aim for — and accomplish — that goal in their work.

Session 3: Justice for the Common Good

From artists to pastors, justice is an issue all Christians need to care about. Pastor Charlie Dates reminds listeners that one of the most powerful evangelistic tools the church holds today is the commitment to lean into justice issues. Tish Harrison Warren echoes pastor Dates, reminding listeners that the words we use can encourage justice in our everyday lives. “If you use words to get at truth and goodness and justice, those words actually, in the end, will make you more truthful and more just.”

Session 4: Bridge-building for the Common Good

Engaging others across vast differences is more common — and more needed — than ever. John Inazu works to bridge the gap in his work and church life, helping people see the need to find common ground of love and respect. Sara Groves discusses the role the artist holds both in the world and the church, bringing eyes and words to things in a fresh and needed perspective.

Session 5: Leaders for the Common Good

In this session, Chris Brooks, Curt Thompson, and Tom Nelson bring their years of pastoral and counseling experience to encourage listeners in whatever profession they find themselves in. Whether you work in a church, an office, within the home, or somewhere in between, issues like shame, spiritual growth, and community engagement are all important to navigate as Christians — and pastors.