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Articles | May 11, 2016

Topics: Common Good

The Best Workers Make the Best Neighbors

What does it mean to love our neighbor, and what factors make it possible to satisfy this Christian standard? Tom Nelson offers a rather surprising answer: having a heart for the poor or disadvantaged isn’t enough; we must also have the economic capacity to help such people.

Articles | May 11, 2016

Topics: Shalom

The Reason We Work: To Reweave Shalom

According to Hugh Whelchel, the Jewish concept of Shalom is essential to appreciating the good of God’s creation and our role in restoring the world to the “way God intended it to be.” Whelchel explains that Shalom enables believers to view their work through a different lens, in which their work is utilized as a blessing to others.

Articles | May 11, 2016

Topics: Entrepreneurship

Defeating the Rats: How a Biblical Worldview Inspires Entrepreneurship

Nancy Pearcey argues that Christianity has the resources to address poverty and inspire entrepreneurship around the globe, but that this requires a shift in our worldview thinking — we must resist the sacred/secular split by viewing our faith as relevant to all spheres of reality, including work and economics.