Neighborly Love

Book Reviews and Summaries | December 18, 2017

Topics: Theology, Economics

The Third Table: A Reflection on The Economics of Neighborly Love

Each week I sit at two different kinds of tables. The first table is surrounded by my “faith and work” friends. They have a rich understanding of Genesis 1-2 and the reality that humans were created for fruitful work. Over sips of single origin craft coffee, I listen to them describe how they display God’s […]

Sermons | November 22, 2015

Scripture: Acts 20
Topics: Generosity, Economics and the Bible, Love
Church: Christ Community Church, Kansas City

Love and Generosity

Tom Nelson raises a fundamental question: Is life ultimately about what we receive or about what we give to others? Citing the work of sociologist Christian Smith, Nelson explains, “By giving ourselves away, we ourselves move toward flourishing.” This insight echoes what the Bible teaches on the subject: it is more blessed to give than to receive.

Sermons | November 8, 2015

Scripture: Amos 5
Topics: Economics and the Bible, Justice, Power
Church: Christ Community Church, Kansas City

Love and Justice

In the book of Amos, we are confronted with systemic economic oppression, similar to what’s happening in many cities throughout America. Andrew Jones asks whether we are grieving for the most vulnerable members of our communities. Injustice cannot be dealt with apart from the involvement of people with tremendous godly character.

Sermons | October 18, 2015

Scripture: Genesis 1, 12, 2
Topics: Economics and the Bible, Love
Church: Christ Community Church, Kansas City

Love and Fruitfulness

Tom Nelson asks the fundamental question: what does a fruitful life look like? Jesus spoke much about fruitfulness, and yet this topic is often ignored in today’s churches. The bottom line is that if you want to be faithful, you have to be fruitful. But this is far from a burden, as we were created to live fruitful lives.