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Articles | May 30, 2017

Topics: Pastoral Wholeness, Spiritual Formation Practices

Life with God for the Life of the World

In today’s blog, Geoff Hsu whets our appetite for his virtual workshop Spiritual Formation: Life with God for the Life of the World, starting August 9. Limited spots remain, so register today! What do you want? Well, it turns out that I want lots of things… and yet perhaps I only really want one thing… […]

Articles | May 25, 2017

Topics: Pastoral Wholeness

Faithfulness & Fruitfulness

As we close our month’s focus on personal wholeness, we highlight the message Faithfulness & Fruitfulness given by Tom Nelson at the Karam Forum (watch the message here). In this message, Tom challenges the sufficiency of personal wholeness leading to faithfulness alone. In his words, a pietistic “just be faithful paradigm” views vocational productivity and economic flourishing as […]

Articles | May 18, 2017

Topics: Personal Wholeness

Pastoring your emotions

We’ve all heard stories or read news articles, especially in recent months, of pastors flying off the handle at a colleague or getting involved in an affair. At the root of such behaviors isn’t the head, but the heart. Isn’t that why Proverbs 4:23 tells us, “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you […]

Articles | May 16, 2017

Topics: Church Leadership, Personal Wholeness

Discerning Our Leadership

When pastors are whole and integrated, their leadership is whole and integrated. Yet often times, pastors find themselves frustrated with the responsibilities that leadership entails or they find themselves indwelling multiple roles in a given day. In 2016, New City Commons set out to clarify pastoral leadership roles with the hope that pastors can clarify […]

Articles | May 9, 2017

Topics: Personal Wholeness

How to avoid burnout in ministry: Principles of self-care

“Self-care is the wisdom to ensure, as far as humanly possible, a wise and orderly work that conserves and lengthens a pastor’s ministry. It means understanding the meaning of positive health and working toward it as a way of ensuring that we will remain effective in the great work God has given us to do.”  Peter […]

Articles | May 4, 2017

Topics: Personal Wholeness

The Pastor’s Integral Life

In our last post, we learned that our formation is inextricably connected to our vocation. As Lisa Slayton of the Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation stated, “If we only focus on the theology of Faith, Work, and Economics (the intellect) and the practice (the strategy and tactics) and not invest in the heart and soul, we will […]

Articles | May 2, 2017

Topics: Personal Wholeness

What Do We Mean by “Personal Wholeness?”

The faith, work, and economics movement faces a significant threat; one that if ignored, may render the movement ineffective. The threat is that we prioritize tactics or even a theology of vocation and take our eyes off of the central task of formation of the whole person into Christlikeness. Our formation is inextricably connected to […]

Articles | April 25, 2017

Topics: Millennials

7 things pastors should know about millennials and work

Trinity Presbyterian in Charlottesville, Virginia, has hosted a Fellows Program for nearly 15 years. It’s an opportunity for recent college graduates to come to our city, live in congregants’ homes, serve in our church and community, take seminary courses, and work part-time in marketplace jobs suited to their career interests. Dennis Doran has directed Trinity’s […]

Articles | April 22, 2017

Topics: Blue Collar, Community Development

I’ve Seen the Future. It Looks Like Appalacia.

Life after the job apocalypse It seems like everyday we hear the siren calls of a coming end of jobs. A new report out of the PwC says that 38% of all jobs in America are at risk of being automated. This mostly affects jobs that require little to no education. This could include entire […]

Articles | April 20, 2017

Topics: Blue Collar, Pastoral Care, Retail, Workplace Affirmations

Class diversity and how faith is expressed through love

In 2015, the Pew Research Center revealed that “after more than four decades of serving as the nation’s economic majority, the American middle class, reflecting the long-term demographic trends of growing racial and ethnic diversity and rise in educational attainment in the US, is now matched in number by those in the economic tiers above […]

Articles | April 18, 2017

Topics: Gender Issues, Image of God

Are women and their work overlooked in our congregations?

A look at our diverse perspectives core value would not be complete without asking our pastors to consider the question, since more than half of our congregations are women, how are we pastors supporting them and their work? Sadly, the question is vital because research paints a dismal picture. In 2015, Barna released a study […]

Messages | April 11, 2017

Topics: Blue Collar, Service Sector, Vocation, Vocational Discipleship

Faith and Work for the “Rest of Us”

We continue our core values blog series on “diverse perspectives” by looking at three groups that are not often included in the FWE conversation – retirees, people with disabilities, and service workers. This message was originally given by Dr. Charlie Self at the Faith@Work Summit in Dallas, TX, in October 2016. On a Sunday morning […]

Articles | April 6, 2017

Topics: Christianity & Culture

Denominational Diversity

A young pastor walked up to me at our Made to Flourish booth at a recent national conference where we were recruiting pastors. He perused the resources we had laid out for our table display and with curiosity across his face, he pointed to each of our denominational primers saying, “Baptist, Lutheran, Reformed, Wesleyan, Pentecostal…why […]

Articles | April 4, 2017

Topics: Christianity & Culture

Why Do We Value Diverse Perspectives?

At Made to Flourish, we value diverse perspectives in the conversation on faith, work, and economics. Here’s how we’ve stated our value: We are committed to being a community who pursues diverse voices in the conversation around faith, work, and economics. While we are committed to a set of core beliefs, we acknowledge that different […]

Videos | March 30, 2017

Topics: Business, Common Good

Business for the Common Good

We’ve learned that when we have both compassion and capacity, we have transformation. We’ve learned that we serve the common good by rejoicing in good work, promoting reconciliation, and standing up for justice. We continue our core values series on the common good by asking, what role do businesses play in the common good? It […]

Articles | March 28, 2017

Topics: Common Good

How Do We Serve the Common Good?

In our last post, we learned that when we have both compassion and capacity, we have transformation. We continue our core values series on the common good by asking, how do we serve the common good? The Oikonomia Network recently released a substantial minibook, Economic Wisdom for Churches: A Primer on Stewardship, Poverty, and Flourishing. […]

Articles | March 23, 2017

Topics: Economics and the Bible, Mission & Outreach

Compassion & Capacity

“And who is my neighbor?” – an expert in the law (Luke 10:29) We continue our core values series on the common good by asking ourselves if we’ve built enough compassion and capacity to actually contribute to our local communities. One of the two greatest commandments is “love your neighbor as yourself.” Yet in today’s […]

Articles | March 21, 2017

Topics: City Engagement, Common Good

What Do We Mean by the “Common Good?”

You may have noticed our tagline in the top left side of our site: “A pastors’ network for the common good.” It strikes some as an odd phrase–the common good. What is that? And why would it be a part of our tagline? Simply put, seeking the common good is the idea of pursuing actions […]