Work: Series Introduction

Tonight we begin a new series of sermons, this devoted to the Bible’s theology of work. Rather than simply pick up a different part of the Bible and begin in chapter 1, I thought I would do another of these series devoted to a theme as I have done from time to time. It provides a change of pace and allows me to address an issue of real importance to us all.

I actually did such a series on the Bible’s theology and ethics of work some fifteen years ago, but not only were many of you not here then and many others who were here were children, but the working life of American adults has changed in those fifteen years. Many women who were homemakers fifteen years ago are now at work outside the home. The likelihood of a person staying for many years, even for his or her entire working life, in the same job is considerably less nowadays than it was even fifteen years ago.

What is more, I have read some material on the subject by Christian writers that was not available the last time I considered this theme. Given the fact that our work so profoundly contributes to the sum of our lives – takes so much of our time and energy, is, for many of us, a primary center of satisfaction or frustration, of fulfillment or longing, and is that point where we come most directly into contact with the unbelieving world and so where our Christian faith and life ought to tell most visibly – it is a subject to which we ought to return from time to time.

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Scripture: Genesis 1, 12, 2
Topics: Theology of Work, Work in History
Church: First Presbyterian Church, Tacoma

About the Author

Rev. Dr. Robert Rayburn serves as senior pastor at Faith Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Tacoma, WA.