Work-Oriented Benedictions

Benediction 1

“We have been the Church Gathered.

We are now the Church Dispersed.

Remember: Wherever you go, Christ Goes

Whatever you do, Christ Does.

If someone asks what your church is like,

tell them, ‘I am what my church is like.’

If someone asks what your church does,

tell them, ‘My church does what I do.’

Remember, You may well be the only authentic contact

someone has with Jesus Christ

because they will not come to church,

but you can bring the church to them.”

(Richard Halverson-US Senate Chaplain)


Benediction 2

You are God’s Servants

gifted with dreams and visions.

Upon you rests the grace of God

like flames of fire.

Love and serve the Lord

in the strength of the Spirit.

May the deep peace of Christ

be with you,

the strong arms of God sustain you,

and the power of the Holy Spirit

strengthen you in every way.


(Diane Karray Tripp)

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