Water and Our Community



Les Lampe – Water Resources Global Practice Leader, Black & Veatch
Andrew Shaw – Sustainability Global Practice Leader, Black & Veatch


We use it a thousand times a day. Walk to the tap, pour a glass. Lay down fertilizer, turn on sprinkler. Suds up soap, rinse to clean. Do your bizz, flush. (For the love of God: flush.) But what if we went to get it and it wasn’t there? What if water didn’t just come from “turning on” or “twisting a faucet” or (gasp-here) “flushing” …?! What if instead of using it, we were abusing it—taking it for granted?

This is a session about water and our community. It’s a session about the safety and sustainability of our city’s infrastructure. It’s a session about where water comes from and how. If you’ve ever been curious about our city’s drinking water, wastewater, stormwater …if you’ve ever been concerned about our infrastructure … heck: if you’ve ever coveted your neighbors rain-barrels: this session is for you!

Who Might Find This Helpful

All those who have a concern about how public infrastructure, particularly for water, serves our community.

Topics: Community, Infrastructure
Conferences: CG2013
Church: Christ Community Church, Kansas City