Theology of Work Bible Commentary for Logos Bible Software

Made to Flourish pastors are given a license to the Theology of Work Bible Commentary for the Logos Bible Software. The Theology of Work Project is one of MTF’s many partners, and The Theology of Work Project Bible Commentary is a resource that Tom Nelson often recommends.

We hope the Theology of Work Bible Commentary will prove very useful for addressing matters of faith, work and economics as you write sermons, small group studies, adult education, counseling and other pastoral activities. We are providing you with a copy of the Logos version because so many MTF pastors use Logos. Find more detailed information and instructions on how to access your copy below.

What is The Theology of Work Bible Commentary?

The Theology of Work Bible Commentary explores what the Bible says about faith and work, book by book through the Bible. This robust commentary has been vetted by a team of scholars and practitioners, in a rigorous process that reveals our commitment to a creating a comprehensive, biblically accurate theology of work. Readers can expect to find thoughtful insight from bible scholars and workplace Christians, supplemented with videos and business case studies.

What is Logos Bible Software?

Logos is the world’s leading Bible software. Its massive networked libraries, fast searches, original language tools, and helpful Bible-knowledge features help you draw insight from the Word. The software’s beautiful media allows you to easily share these insights with others. No matter what device you’re using—Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Android—you can take your library anywhere.

Here’s how to access the Theology of Work Bible Commentary on the Logos Bible System:

If you already have a Logos account and the software installed on your computer

  1. Verify that your Logos account uses the same email address as the email address you used to apply for the Made to Flourish pastors network. If the emails are different, you will need to transfer the TOW license to your existing Logos account. Contact Logos customer support at 800-875-6467.
  2. Restart the Logos software. This will trigger the TOW Commentary to automatically download.

If you are a new user of Logos

  1. Create a Logos password. Logos has already created an account for you using the email address you used to apply for the Made to Flourish pastors network. To create (or change) your password you will need to use the “Forgot your password?” function in Logos. You will receive an email from Logos with a link to reset your password. Click on the password recovery link in the email you receive from Logos and follow the instructions.
  2. Download and install the Logos software here. Download the appropriate Mac or PC file. Install the software. Open the Logos application. Then login when prompted.

If you encounter technical problems, please directly contact Logos Customer Support at 800-875-6467. Representatives are available Monday through Saturday from 6:00am to 6:00pm PST.

A Logos Primer

Logos offers a wide range of helpful resources to get you started. Visit the Logos website for video tutorials that show you how to use Logos 6’s advanced features, like Bible Facts, Topic Guide, Clause Search, and more. The Logos wiki is a great place to find tutorials created by expert Logos users. You can also join the Logos Forums to ask questions, connect with other Logos users, report issues, and get answers about our products. Several apps are also available to aid in your studies. Simply search your devices app store (Apple App Store, Amazon Store for Kindle, or Google Play) for “Logos Bible Software.”