The Arts: Creative and the Divine


Speaker: Harlan Brownlee – President & CEO, Arts Council of Metropolitan Kansas City


The Arts can serve as a means of creating public good and building community. The Arts connect us in ways that bridge the gaps between race, gender, social class, and religion by providing multiple perspectives on what it means to be human. For many artists, the process of creating art provides opportunities for spiritual learning and growing. It is from the act of creation that we experience most deeply our connection to the divine and our common humanity. This breakout session will explore the role of the arts to deepen our understanding of each other and broaden our definition of the arts as a means of creating spaces that engage us on a spiritual level. Kansas City in the past ten years has undergone a cultural renaissance. What are the implications for our community and how can the arts serve the common good for our region?

Who Might Find This Helpful

Individuals wanting to broaden their understanding of the arts as a means of further development in the faith community and the public good. Those interested in exploring their creativity as a means of spiritual expression.

Topics: Arts
Conferences: CG2013
Church: Christ Community Church, Kansas City