ReGroup 2015 Session 3: Idolatry and Injustice

This is third in a series of messages from Andy Crouch given at a high school retreat by First Baptist Church of Cambridge, MN, focusing on helping students craft a faith and work theology. These videos are a great example of faith and work integration for youth.

This message in particular is truly incredible — we highly recommend it for everyone (not just youth or youth pastors). Crouch first tells a fascinating story about Steve Jobs and what became his idol (it is likely not what you may think!), and then discusses the characteristics of idols and how to identify them. He then discusses how idolatry leads to injustice, giving amazing insights into the nature of injustice as it relates to idolatry.

Topics: Students
Church: First Baptist Church, Cambridge

About the Author

Andy Crouch is the author of Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling, winner of Christianity Today’s 2009 Book Award for Christianity and Culture, and is the former executive editor of Christianity Today.