Prayers for Our Work

We give because you first gave to us

Giving God, just as we love because you first loved us, we give because you first gave to us.

Out of gratitude we bring gifts of money to be used for your kingdom work. With these gifts we also pledge to you our whole selves.

We give you our bodies as living temples; may we be your hands and feet. We give you our minds; may our thoughts support others and glorify you. We give you our time; may our presence encourage others.

We give you our relationships; may our interactions be a light to the world.

We give you our work; may we always strive to do our best and help others do theirs. We give you our play; may our leisure bring joy to many.

We give you our hopes and our dreams; may our goals reflect your mission.

Use these gifts, great God, through the power of your Holy Spirit. Amen.


Thanksgiving for technology

Let us give thanks to the Lord,

our rock, our fortress, and our deliverer.

Let us remember his mercy, for he is gracious and compassionate. We thank you for calling us to faith in Christ,

for putting your Spirit within us,

for giving us the mind of Christ,

for gathering us into your church.

We thank you, Lord, for extending your grace to us, for calling us to a life of gratitude,

for calling us to service in your kingdom.

Thanks be to God!

Let us give thanks to the Lord,

for he satisfies the thirsty, he fills the hungry with good things, and he heals the afflicted. Let us celebrate his abundant goodness. We thank you, gracious Father,

that you provide for all our needs,

for the food on our tables,

for the clothes on our bodies,

for the beds we sleep in,

and for the dwellings that shelter us.

We praise you for all your gifts that go beyond our basic needs, for the things that make our work easier,

for the conveniences of modern life,

for the beauty and pleasure that you bring into our lives. Thanks be to God! Amen.

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