Made to Flourish and the Imagination

There is a growing movement across the country among pastors and congregational leaders to think more deeply about how Sunday faith connects to Monday work. In the last several years, there have been scores of new books, articles, blogs, and conferences on the subject. The messages, though varied, often incorporate some or all of the following ideas:

There are depths to explore here which could occupy a lifetime of creative thought. Certainly, as pastors, we ought to cultivate a robust theology of vocation, not least of all because the people in our congregations spend a massive amount of their lives working. Where God’s purpose for work is faithfully and thoughtfully taught, it will meet a felt need and bring a sigh of relief. “My work does matter to God.”

But merely cultivating a robust theology of vocation and then communicating that to a congregation is only one side of the coin. For many people, the greatest disconnect may be one of imagination. In other words, even with a healthy theology of vocation, most people may say, “Ok, that’s all well and good. But now what?” Somehow, 30,000 foot theology doesn’t always translate into real life.  How does a theological foundation on vocation help people deal with a demanding boss, a disappointed client, an underperforming team, a dead-end career, or the struggle to find work? These and a thousand other practical questions suggest that much of the challenge of connecting Sunday to Monday may be with the imagination. A weak imagination can short-circuit even the best theology.

That’s where you come in. That’s where this network comes in. Made to Flourish exists to bring pastors together to explore Biblical ideas, form relationships, and share best practices along the intersection of faith, work, and economics. In doing so, pastors all around the country are becoming better equipped to shape the redemptive imaginations of the people they lead. Together we are seeking to help those in our congregations say, “I understand in tangible ways how I can live out my faith at work. Sunday has very much to do with Monday.”

That’s the power of Made to Flourish. Will you join us?
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Topics: Imagination

About the Author

Matt Rusten serves as the executive director for Made to Flourish. Rusten received his master of divinity degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and has served in churches in North Dakota, the Chicago area, Kansas City, and most recently as pastor of spiritual formation at Blackhawk Church in Madison, Wisconsin. He and his wife, Margi, and their daughter, Olivia, and son, Owen, live in Kansas.