Love or Lose, You Choose: Using the Village to Discipline Children


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Timothy & Jennifer Nelson – Professors of Marriage and Family Therapy and Co-Clinical Directors, Friends University


Too many caregivers struggle with how to get children to behave. Often threats and rewards are the only tools that caregivers have at their disposal. Parents need a model of parenting that can assist caregivers to win the hearts of the children within their care. And, to be given strategies that invite children to invest back into the lives of the people most impacted by their negative behavior. This is especially important when the relational context involves a blended family or divorced family arrangement. This breakout session will offer support to caregivers with a model of parenting that invests children back into the caregiver-child relationship. It emphasizes the importance of relational repair after a behavioral problem emerges. The model promotes obedience through the power and importance of the relationship rather than through punishment or reward. Participants will learn specific and concrete strategies that teach caregivers how to strengthen their relational collateral and emotional influence with the children in their care. Then, participants will be guided in how to use community partnerships and resources to effectively discipline their children. Examples will be discussed and offered through video vignettes. A question and answer time will follow the presentation where specific concerns will be addressed by the presenter.

Who Might Find This Helpful

Parents, business leaders, pastors, church board members, civic leaders, non-profit leaders

Topics: Family
Conferences: CG2013
Church: Christ Community Church, Kansas City