Local School: Why My Involvement Matters


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Bill Gorman – Campus Pastor, Christ Community Church
Dr. Ed Richardson – Principal, Southwest Early College Campus
Scott Bacon – Principal, Blue Valley High School
Dean Johnson – Co-Founder, Crossroads Academy


Topping the list of greatest challenges and opportunities here in the KC metro? Education. Though education in our city is a complex issue, with various people and proposals suggesting diverse approaches, it’s also true that every single family, individual, and church in our city is positioned to engage at one simple intersection: their neighborhood school.

This breakout session is designed to offer helpful insights from a few key educators who are leading “on-the-ground”. These panelists will share front-line perspective, offering both practical and strategic ways that we can seek the common good of our city… starting with one local school.

Who Might Find This Helpful

This breakout session will be helpful for:
– those who want to get involved in their school but don’t know where to start
– people with a passion for children and students
– parents of school aged children
– people with a background in education


Topics: Education
Conferences: CG2013
Church: Christ Community Church, Kansas City

About the Author

Bill Gorman is the campus pastor at the Brookside campus of Christ Community Church in Kansas City, MO. After graduating with a BA in Advanced Biblical Studies and Biblical Languages from Calvary Bible College, he completed a Masters of Divinity degree at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Chicago.