My Job is Not Better Than Yours

Everyone is created in God’s image and, no matter our profession, we all have been called to our work. There is no sacred-secular divide. There is no higher or lower calling.

If we go back to Genesis 1 and 2, we realize that God is at work, and work is actually part of paradise. In Genesis 2:1-3, Moses uses a word for work that could mean manual work or work related to business. This is important, because later the Romans and Greeks made a distinction between manual work and work done with one’s mind. This meant that if you were a philosopher, doctor, or lawyer, your work was elevated over work done with one’s hands, such as the work of a maid or servant.  

However, God makes no such distinction. God does not elevate the work of a doctor over that of a maid.

Tune in as Pastor John unpacks a theology of work—what it means to be in the image of God and called to our work.

John Cruz is the Executive Pastor at Northplace Church and the founder of Mosaic International