It’s More Than Compassion: From Contribution to Collaboration

Description: We read in Scripture that neighborly love is a collaborative effort that goes beyond telling others about Jesus. For Christians, working for the well-being of our city is a biblical imperative that urges us to build our capacity to do it as a community rather than as lone charity agents. This challenges the individualistic, and thus very limited, approach to the common good so often embedded in our culture.

This message is from our CG2015 conference. You can also view a short highlight version on YouTube.

Why This Matters: Dr. Nelson shows clearly from Scripture, including the parable of the Good Samaritan, Acts 20:34-35, and Ephesians 4:28 that economic capacity is an important part of the call to show compassion. This is very often overlooked, and he makes a very solid and helpful case.

Further Resources

Scripture: Luke 2, 6, 12, 10
Conferences: CG2015
Church: Christ Community Church, Kansas City

About the Author

Tom Nelson serves as the president of Made to Flourish and is the author of Work Matters: Connecting Sunday Worship to Monday Work, Five Smooth Stones: Discovering the Path to Wholeness of Soul, Ekklesia: Rediscovering God’s Design for the Church, and The Economics of Neighborly Love: Investing in Your Community's Compassion and Capacity.  Tom is a regular speaker and facilitator on faith, work, and economics. He is also the senior pastor of Christ Community Church in Kansas City. He has served on the Board of Regents of Trinity International University and is on the leadership team of the Oikonomia Network. He graduated with a master’s of theology degree from Dallas Theological Seminary and received his doctorate from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Tom and his wife, Liz, have two grown children and reside in Leawood, Kansas.