Institutional Adoption: Church Adopt-A-School


Speaker: Stan Archie – Senior Pastor, Christian Fellowship Baptist Church


One of the most practical “beginning points” in launching community rebuilding is to match two institutions where people come together more than anywhere else: church and school. Churches are located everywhere: there’s an average of fourteen churches for every public school in America. Churches are closest to the needs of the people, since they’re located in the heart of the community. Churches offer the largest volunteer force in the nation—enabling strategic mobilization to bring about positive, lasting change. Churches bring a combined spiritual and moral framework for assisting people to make good choices. And, since many of our nation’s issues stem from ethical and moral foundations, churches represent the most strategic social service agency to restore hope and transform lives.

This workshop will discuss and recommend ways that the church and individuals within the community of Christ can impact targeted communities through partnership with schools. This workshop will provide basic building-blocks for starting or enhancing practical services for urban youth and their families, including an overview of how to adopt-a-school and implement corollary programs. Participants will receive an overview of the process for adopting public schools and creating programs, including school-based mentoring, to meet the vast needs of public school youth and their families.

Who Might Find This Helpful

This workshop offers pastors, lay persons, community volunteers, school officials and parents building blocks for starting or enhancing the delivery of practical services to urban youth and their families. Those with a passion for youth, skills in administration, or interested in ways to practically and positively impact our city will find this workshop to be of great value.

Topics: Education, Mission & Outreach
Conferences: CG2013
Church: Christ Community Church, Kansas City

About the Author

Stan Archie is the lead pastor at Christian Fellowship Baptist Church in Kansas City, MO, and the primary counselor and principal consultant with SUCCESSFUL EDGE LLC.