Impacting Your Industry


Speaker: Rick Boxx – President & Founder, Integrity Resources


God has called each of us to a vocation for a purpose. He desires for us to leverage our gifts and relationships to better shine truth and grace into our workplaces. But might there be an even greater influence and calling? Might we have an opportunity to impact entire industries: doing our work with courage, integrity, excellence … loving others (even our co-workers or employees) in the ways of Christ?

In this session we will provide a framework to help workers explore this deeper possibility. Stories, and an engaging discussion time, will help us to better understand how our faith may be transformative—not just for our lives or those of our co-workers, but for others in our industry who tackle ethics and bottom-line and—what-do-ya-know!—shape the contours of our world along the way!

Who Might Find This Helpful

If you have an interest in living out your faith in your workplace and desire to make a difference beyond just your organization, this workshop is for you. Any person with some influence and a passion for their industry can be a leader in that industry and help bring the light of Christ and His principles to impact that industry.

Topics: Industry Influence
Conferences: CG2013
Church: Christ Community Church, Kansas City