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Nancy Writebol, Rear Admiral Timothy Ziemer to Headline “Work: For Flourishing” Events at Wheaton College (Ill.)

Community Contributor MEDIA RELATIONS, Chicago Tribune

Ebola survivor and missionary Nancy Writebol, U.S. Global Malaria Coordinator Rear Admiral Timothy Ziemer, and faith and vocation experts Steven Garber and Katherine Leary Alsdorf are among the speakers at “Work: For Flourishing,” a series of events taking place on the Wheaton College (Ill.) campus January 24 and 27-29. (READ MORE)

The Role of ‘Spiritual Wisdom and Understanding’ In Our Vocations

Taken and adapted from Creation Regained: Biblical Basics for a Reformational Worldview by Albert M. Wolters, published on The Gospel Coalition

The Lord teaches the farmer his business. There is a right way to plow, to sow, and to thresh, depending on the kind of grain he is growing. Dill, cumin, wheat, and spelt must all be treated differently. A good farmer knows that, and this knowledge too is from the Lord, for the Lord teaches him. This is not a teaching through the revelation of Moses and the Prophets, but a teaching through the revelation of creation—the soil, the seeds, and the tools of his daily experience. (READ MORE)

Does My Christianity Change the Way I Approach My Work?

Chelsea Patterson, Patheos

Some people love work, thrive off of it, find their identity in it, and spend countless hours plotting and planning how they will succeed at work.

Others detest work, view it as a necessary evil, a means to an end, and spend time dreading the seemingly long hours spend at their work places.

Without work, there would be no way to provide for ourselves and our families. A proper beginning of any discussion about work should accurately define the term being used. (READ MORE)


Life in Exile: Being in the World but Not of It

Joseph Sunde, Acton Institute Power Blog

Given the many warnings about the “crisis of Christianity,” the inevitable rise of secularization, and the decline of our public witness (etc.), it may not be all that surprising that the most popular verse of 2014 focuses on the key tension the underlies it all. (READ MORE)

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