The Discipleship Dynamics Assessment

How do we know our disciple-making is effective?

The deliverables of pastoral portfolios are scored quantitatively and then assessed by testimonies. And, thankfully, much good takes place as people gather to examine the Word, pray and share life. But we need a fresh approach. We are busier than ever, yet wondering if our efforts are bearing fruit. We face the challenges of reaching women and men with little or no Christian background, as well as trying to win back many de-churched and discouraged churchgoers. A variety of surveys confirm Pastor John Blanchard’s trenchant remark of three decades ago: “We have a surfeit [surplus] of superficiality and a dearth [deficit] of depth.”

If Jesus’ mandate in Matthew 28:18-20 is foundational to our mission as the Spirit-empowered people of God, what is the aim of our efforts to make disciples?  How do we know we are doing well at this central task of our mission? What makes a healthy disciple?

Local church disciple-making will be transformed when we move from programs to outcomes, from a focus on methods to one of measurable change in attitudes and actions.

The Discipleship Dynamics Assessment (DDA) does just that. It is a biblical, comprehensive, and practical tool offering pastors a clearer understanding of their congregation’s current discipleship maturity.

Using a biblical framework that has been researched and tested, the DDA provides clear goals, enabling pastors to focus their efforts. Because the DDA is not a curriculum or program, pastors and their churches have the joy of listening to the Holy Spirit and finding out how to enhance the strengths that emerge and bring help to the weaknesses that need addressing.

The DDA is a distinctive tool focused on 5 dimensions and their outcomes:

  • Spiritual Formation (loving God with all our being)
  • Personal Wholeness (healthy self-respect)
  • Healthy Relationships (loving our neighbor as ourselves)
  • Vocational Clarity (having a clear sense of purpose)
  • Economics and Work (our labor at home or in the workplace)

For pastors interested in this whole-life discipleship tool, learn more at their website.