Commissioning Our People for the Workplace

From: The Mockler Center, and hosted at the Theology of Work Project.

We believe and we say that Jesus Christ is Lord of the whole life, including that one-third or so of our lives we spend working (or preparing/studying for work — or looking for work). Sometimes we need a visible way to emphasize and even celebrate a theological truth like that. Here is a simple but profound and far- reaching addition pastors can make to the worship service: publicly recognize and commission your parishioners for their workplace callings. You don’t need to go back to seminary or take a class or add anything to your work hours to do this! Let me reflect briefly on why this is a good thing to do — then give three examples of how to do it. This is not just an academic theory or classroom idea so I will be sharing from my own pastoral experience.

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Topics: Commissioning

About the Author

David W. Gill is a writer and speaker based in Oakland, California. He recently retired as Mockler-Phillips Professor of Workplace Theology and Business Ethics at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.