Calling Entrepreneurs

Linwood Fellows of Macedonia Baptist introduces members, by sectors, to the notion of faith and work integration. For example, during the fall of 2016, Kansas City Network co-eirector DeLano Sheffield and the Fellows team introduced educators, principals, school administrators, etc. to the importance of faith and work integration. Below is an invitation they issued to entrepreneurs in the church body to bring their entrepreneurial capacity and skills to the table to help other aspiring entrepreneurs.

Calling Entrepreneurs

By Lindsey Smith, Linwood Fellows of Macedonia Baptist Team Member

Linwood Fellows of Macedonia Baptist explores the truths surrounding how God integrates faith and work in a believer’s life. Throughout the Bible and the history of the Church, God has been at work; not only in the church building, or on the mission field, but in our families, in factories, in entrepreneurial endeavors, in manual labor and in medicine, just to name a few.

The connection between faith and work is rooted in Scripture, beginning in Genesis 1-2 when God called Adam and Eve to work in the garden. If we embrace that Jesus is Lord of everything, then we must learn what He says about work and how to be intentional in our work. We seek to assist all positions and professions in connecting your Sunday faith to the work you do throughout the week, no matter what that work is.

The vocational context in which faith is applied is unique. Each profession deserves a tailored approach that targets their workplace environment. We need Kingdom eyes looking into the business world to provide a clear context of their work and locality. The dynamic world we live in and the growth of technology prompts a need to look at the practical and theological connections of work in the 21st century.

This is where you are an asset as an experienced entrepreneur. We invite you to bring your business acumen and aspirations to the table and we will provide the theological framework to help shape success for people with creativity, an idea and a business plan.

Begin to think about the following questions:

  1. Does crafting a mission statement for your business look different when you desire to embrace kingdom principles?
  2. What qualities should you look for in your employees?

Our vision is for you to come alongside a budding entrepreneur and help them toward success and the realization that their work matters to God. Please join us as we examine the implications.

Topics: Entrepreneurship
Church: Macedonia Baptist Kansas City