Breaking the Silence: A Movement Toward Race Reconciliation


cgleaders-Lucas cgleaders-Sieve

  • Barbara Lucas – Therapist, Sacred Counsel
  • Jesse Sieve – Therapist, Looking Glass Therapy


Many folks would like to say that we live in a post-racial society where race no longer matters. With the days of KKK rallies long gone and the election of a black president, aren’t we are safe to live color-blind lives—all of us good ol’ Americans? (Midwesterners at that!) But there’s a disease running rampant throughout our nation and, indeed, our own city. This session is designed to identify and highlight the invisible systemic barriers that create division and prevent reconciliation—especially when it comes to race and socio-economic standing. Participants will be exposed to the institutional—often times invisible—barriers that perpetuate alienation and prevent true reconciliation. Come and learn the unintentional ways our community & city is reinforcing racism today.

Who Might Find This Helpful

Anyone who desires to work toward race reconciliation and is willing to learn and understand the invisible barriers that prevents reconciliation.

Topics: Race
Conferences: CG2013