A Case Study in Hope: Assessing Christian Community Development 12 Years In


Speaker: Chris Jehle – CEO & Founder, The Hope Center


High highs and Low lows. When Chris Jehle, founder and CEO of The Hope Center, launched this neighborhood experiment twelve years ago on KCMO’s east-side, little did he know … little. In certain ways, it could be argued, maybe less even now. But—we think you’ll agree!—Chris has some important things to say. (Funny how that works.) Come and listen-in as this community development veteran overviews The Hope Center’s efforts to holistically impact a low-income neighborhood. You’ll hear stories of success and failure, community development strategies, current challenges and opportunities—all from a narrator who’s humble, honest, and little wiser (surely the “gray” is coming?!) This session is a must for marketplace, civic, and ministry leaders who believe in the synergy of these three sectors working effectively to see community-wide renewal.

Who Might Find This Helpful

Marketplace, civic, and ministry leaders are encouraged to engage in this discussion about what is required for under-resourced communities to develop into neighborhoods where its residents can flourish. A community-wide renewal effort requires significant input from all three sectors.

Topics: Community Development, Mission & Outreach
Conferences: CG2013
Church: Christ Community Church, Kansas City