A call to generosity: Share the stimulus

With nearly 22 million people unemployed (and counting), many people are asking what they can do to help. Practically speaking, people all over the country have already received or will receive money from the federal stimulus package. Some will need this money greatly; yet many of us know people in our own churches, communities, and businesses with far greater needs than our own.

Some of our friends in Denver are challenging people across the country who may be in a secure financial position, to share the stimulus with those in need.

SharetheStimulus.org doesn’t collect money or distribute money. Rather, the movement is designed to challenge people to do three things:

Make a pledge to give a portion of the stimulus check to either a favorite charity or directly to a person in need.  It could be 50%, 25% or 100%.

Give generously! It could be to a church benevolence fund, nonprofit, or a warm meal for a neighbor.

Finally, share the story. The website is designed to capture the many creative, diverse, and fun ways people are sharing the stimulus check with their community.

The website also gives practical tools for sharing this vision in your community, and to be able to track the progress we’re making together in encouraging generosity.

If you’re receiving a stimulus check and have margin to share some or all of the stimulus, would you first take the pledge, give, and share your own story?

What if we were able to collectively spread a movement of generosity that showed the sacrificial love of Jesus to our world in a time of great need? This is indeed a small act, but perhaps this could grow into a movement of people showing God’s love through radical generosity with money we had never expected to show up in our bank accounts in the first place.

“For God so loved the world that he gave…”

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