6 prayers for the workers in your life

As 2020 continues to lurch us into the unpredictable, even as holidays draw close and we search for some sense of normalcy, there are still millions of workers navigating their own new normal, whether at home, in the office, or on a job searching site, looking, once again, for employment.

With the reminder of this uncertainty, here are six ways — and people — to pray for specific people in your life right now.

  1. Pray for your pastor. Churches met outside or not at all for several months, and now that it’s growing colder, many pastors and churches are having to reevaluate what is best — or permissible with local mandates — for their congregations. Pray for wisdom from God, provision, and support from within and outside the church walls as they establish new patterns for worship services and outreach.
  2. Pray for medical workers. In addition to COVID-19 cases rising, winter brings more sickness and medical needs for many people. Pray for sustainable ways to care for communities, for space and equipment to best care for people, and for rest for weary medical workers who have been on the frontlines most of 2020.
  3. Pray for your local and national administration. Our leaders need wisdom, even as they continue to deal with COVID-19, elections, and caring well for the people.
  4. Pray for parents still working from home. Parenting is hard, but add working from home with toddlers and everyday tasks to the mix and the parents around you need prayer and probably a coffee. Pray for resilience, rest, and resources to help them succeed in schooling their children, working their jobs, and living everyday life faithfully.
  5. Pray for freelance and gig economy workers. This is a sector of work that has been heavily impacted by 2020 that will carry over into next year. Pray for God to provide work and projects for these workers, and for even unconventional ways of finding employment.
  6. Pray for those still without work. Pray for people who have struggled to find adequate work for their families. Pray for companies to succeed in a way that allows for more employees, which benefits both parties. Pray that those unemployed will find meaningful and provisional work soon for the good of their families and those around them.

One practical way we can help workers in our churches, communities, and individual lives, is to pray for their flourishing. Praying for others also helps us remember where God has been faithful, where we need him to work, and shows the watching world that we rely on a God big enough to hear our every need and meet us in those places.

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