A curated collection of the best sermons on faith and work to build your worldview and provide ideas for your own sermon preparation.

Sermons | October 14, 2016

Scripture: Luke 2, 6, 10, 12

Making a Contribution

by David Swanson

Jesus worked for years as a carpenter before launching his public ministry. What does this teach us about the value and dignity of work? As David Swanson explains, just as Jesus produced goods that benefited the lives of others, we are also called to find deep meaning and satisfaction in our work.

Sermons | August 26, 2016

Scripture: Isaiah 60

That’s What Makes You Beautiful

by Case Thorp

Although work is broken and tainted by sin, we must remember that work is a beautiful part of God’s redemptive plan for the world. Case Thorp asks a challenging question: how does your work become more beautiful as it feeds into God’s purposes?

Sermons | June 1, 2016

Work as Worship

by Dave Huber

What if we viewed our work as worship? In this brief clip, Huber explores the reality that the details of our jobs, rather than being irrelevant or peripheral, are embedded with profound spiritual significance.

Sermons | May 23, 2016

Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 4


by Timothy Keller

Tim Keller contrasts the modern view of work, which emphasizes money and security, with the Biblical doctrine of work, which treats works as the “gracious expression of creative energy in the service of others.” Apart from embracing this view of work, Keller suggests, we will never find rest.

Sermons | May 19, 2016

Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 4

Why God Wills Work

by John Piper

Christians are called to bring all their life, including labor, into sync with God’s revealed will in Scripture. John Piper highlights four reasons that God wills work: to glorify God and increase our joy, to provide for our needs, to provide for the needs of others, and to build bridges for the gospel.

Sermons | April 18, 2016

Scripture: Jeremiah 29

Serving the City

by Timothy Keller

One of Tim Keller’s classic sermons on the city.

Sermons | April 11, 2016

Scripture: Isaiah 60

Faith and Work

by Timothy Keller

How can you do your job in a distinctly Christian way? Tim Keller gives a simple answer: do it well. You can serve God by doing your job well, regardless of whether it’s blue collar or white collar, religious or secular.

Sermons | March 8, 2016


Changed Lives

by Timothy Keller

Another classic sermon by Tim Keller on the core values of Redeemer.

Sermons | January 5, 2016

Scripture: Luke 2, 6, 10, 12

Getting the House in Order

by Case Thorp

The Bible’s parables have profound implications for our grasp of economics and society. Drawing on the parable of the Good Samaritan, Case Thorp argues that we should focus on restoring our neighborhoods, so that “all God’s children are allowed to thrive, and the common good is lifted up for all.”

Sermons | November 22, 2015

Scripture: Acts 20

Love and Generosity

by Tom Nelson

Tom Nelson raises a fundamental question: Is life ultimately about what we receive or about what we give to others? Citing the work of sociologist Christian Smith, Nelson explains, “By giving ourselves away, we ourselves move toward flourishing.” This insight echoes what the Bible teaches on the subject: it is more blessed to give than to receive.

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