Interviews | November 20, 2017

How Can Pastors Best Lead Professionally Diverse Congregations?

by Luke Bobo

Who has time to think about faith/work integration? Made to Flourish pastor, Kent Duncan suggests that it is not blue-collar workers; they do not have that luxury. Duncan, who pastors a church that is predominantly blue collar and wrote his master’s thesis on blue-collar work and vocation, says that this population has “often not given […]

Interviews | November 7, 2017

How This Church Helps Teachers Connect their Work with the Gospel

by Delano Sheffield, Luke Bobo

What vocations are represented in your church? For each of those industries, your church has an opportunity to help people see what the gospel means for their specific day-to-day duties and skills. One practical way to do this is to mentor a cohort of workers in a specific industry to talk about how they serve […]

Interviews | March 10, 2017

FWE Integration in a Small Congregation: An Interview with Mary Lou Erlacher

by Amy Sherman

In October 2016, Made to Flourish’s Amy Sherman interviewed Mary Lou Erlacher of Cornerstone Church in Marion, Iowa. Cornerstone Church is a 15-year-old congregation in the Evangelical Free Church denomination. Predominantly white, the church includes many seniors, empty-nesters, and a growing number of younger families and couples. Membership is around 55 and about 100 people attend […]

Interviews | February 21, 2017

“Every Business Decision is a Theological Decision:” An Interview with CEO Eric Stumberg

by Amy Sherman

Amy Sherman had the chance to  interview Eric Stumberg, CEO of Tengo Internet. He founded the company in 2002 and today it has 30 employees. Eric’s company provides commercial grade, outdoor Wi-Fi services. Tengo Internet works with the owners of RV parks, camp grounds, and other outdoor recreational facilities to provide consistent wi-fi for the travelers […]

Interviews | February 21, 2017

Discipling Millennials: A Conversation with Dr. Kelly Madden of the Boston Fellows Program

by Amy Sherman

Recently Amy Sherman interviewed Dr. Kelly Madden on discipling millennials. Rev. Dr. Kelly Madden is director of the Boston Fellows program, a multi-church initiative focused on whole-life discipleship of young adults. It is a ministry of the Anglican Diocese in New England. ALS (Amy Sherman): Let’s start by having you tell me about the mission of […]

Interviews | October 3, 2016

Tom Nelson Interviewed on iWork4Him Radio and Podcast

by Tom Nelson

Last week, Made to Flourish president Tom Nelson was interviewed on the radio program and podcast iWork4Him. He talked about Made to Flourish, his new curriculum Gospel Shaped Work, and his book Work Matters. It is a great discussion and well worth listening to! (We also recommend checking out iWork4Him, which is a radio program, podcast, […]

Interviews | July 15, 2016

Case Thorp on IWorkforHim Radio

by Case Thorp

Our Orlando city director, Case Thorp, was recently on IWorkforHim radio, talking about Made to Flourish and the faith and work movement.

Interviews | June 29, 2016

Blue-Collar America as an Unreached People Group

A great interview by TGCvocations with Noah Gallop. Here’s an excerpt: How do you describe your work? I’m a mechanic, which is a lot like being a doctor: I listen, examine, diagnose and, if possible, fix. If you’ve ever had a car and taken it in to the shop, you know what I’m talking about. […]

Interviews | January 1, 2015

My Work Matters

We spend nearly 50 percent of our lives in the workplace, which is why it’s so important for us feel meaning and purpose in what we do. Hear from a fewWorkMatters participants on how being who they are as a Christian Monday through Friday has helped them see their work truly matters. Available at RightNow […]

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