Articles | September 21, 2017

What Does the Christian Faith Say About Economics?

by Tom Nelson

As a single parent, my mom worked extraordinarily hard at a relatively low paying job. The economic challenges we faced were not hard for others to see. Indeed, material poverty not only weighs on the human heart but also on the sleeves. I’m sure our economic situation was apparent to those around us. Nevertheless, the […]

Articles | September 14, 2017

How a Fifty-Person Church Helped Its Town Rebuild After Superstorm Sandy

by Amy Sherman

When Superstorm Sandy hit the small, working-class community of Union Beach, New Jersey, (population 6,200) in fall 2012, it left 90 percent of the town under water. Out of roughly 2500 homes, 2000 were damaged. A journalist from the online magazine Bustle drove to Union Bay two weeks after Sandy to deliver some coats to […]

Articles | September 12, 2017

Introducing Biznistry: The Strategic Advantages of Integrating Business and Ministry

Birth of Self Sustaining Enterprises (SSE) Any leader would tell you that resources never keep pace with vision. Whether running a church or a non-profit, you never seem to have enough money for all the needs that arise. In 2002, Grace Chapel started Self Sustaining Enterprises). The original goal was to help fund orphan care […]

Articles | September 7, 2017

Justice As Business: Staffing in a Way That Serves the Community

by Amy Sherman

Bluewater Mission is a nondenominational church in Honolulu founded by Jordan and Sonya Seng in 2008. The couple met through InterVarsity Fellowship at Stanford University. They ministered in various roles together around the U.S., primarily with the Vineyard Church. Just before starting Bluewater Mission, Jordan was on staff as small groups’ minister at First Presbyterian […]

Articles | September 5, 2017

“A Great Contribution.” – Tim Keller

by Kevin Harlan

Today marks the official release date of Tom Nelson’s newest book, The Economics of Neighborly Love. As one who had the opportunity to read an early-release copy, let me encourage you to get your copy and dive in. I think you’ll find it to be a very helpful resource as you continue looking for ways […]

Articles | September 5, 2017

The Church as an Economic Actor

by Matt Rusten

“If your church closed its doors, would the community care?” This question has become popular among many church leaders, helping us to consider whether our churches are making a tangible difference in our communities. But a growing body of research suggests that, at least economically, healthy churches are extremely important institutions that impact the flourishing […]

Articles | August 29, 2017

Preaching Economic Opportunity

by Greg Forster

Jobs, poverty, globalization, environment, debt, racism, trade – does the church have anything to say about these matters, of such vital concern to the people around us? I believe that pastors today do not lack the will to speak about justice; rather, our challenge is to find language pastors can use with confidence, a way […]

Articles | August 24, 2017


Learning Whole-Life Theology from My Blue-Collar Family

It is impossible to avoid, to escape, or to deny the reality that we live in a broken world. Broken people. Broken relationships. Broken neighborhoods. Broken systems. Broken commitments. Broken dreams. Broken hearts. Certainly, this pervasive brokenness is the obvious consequence of a creation corrupted and corruptible by our misplaced faith and our proclivity to […]

Articles | August 22, 2017

The Church and the Moral Mandate of Economics

Recently, one of our Advisory Council members and CG2017 speakers, Pastor Chris Brooks spoke on the topic, “The Church and the Moral Mandate of Economics.” In his talk, Brooks lays out some lessons learned while working to usher in flourishing to an economically distressed community in Detroit, Michigan. Brooks further develops these lessons learned in […]

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