Articles | November 17, 2017

How You Experience and Reflect God at Work (Interview with Rev. John Van Sloten)

by John Van Sloten, Amy Sherman

Amy: Thanks so much, John, for your very fine book, Every Job a Parable. I think it will be a great help many pastors and congregational leaders. Let’s start with this question: What first sparked your interest in how we can experience God in and through our work? John: It started probably 15 years ago, […]

Articles | November 16, 2017

How Coffee Helped Us Minister to Homeless Youths

In a diverse neighborhood in Pasadena, California, lattes are changing lives. Rev. Dan Davidson came to Pasadena as pastor of the First Free Methodist Church of Pasadena, CA, but when that church closed its doors, he stuck around. Commissioned and ordained to relaunch the church (now Rose City Church), Pastor Dan is committed to staying […]

Articles | November 15, 2017

Pastor, Visit Their Workplace

by Justin Buzzard

Being a pastor means being about relationships. My first responsibility as a pastor is to know and love God. My second is to know and love the people I pastor, encouraging them to flourish in their relationship with God, our church family, and our city. One of the most effective ways I can do this […]

Articles | October 31, 2017

Cities Are Important to Us

by Luke Bobo

by Luke Bobo and RuthAnne Irvin From Los Angeles to New York City, from Boston to Kansas City—the majority of people in the United States live in urban areas. More than 70 percent, to be exact. Our cities are ripe with culture, entrepreneurship, and opportunities to explore the world within our own backyard. This is […]

Articles | October 27, 2017

CG 2017 Recap

On October 13th, Made to Flourish hosted a catalytic event called cg2017. Nearly 1,000 pastors and congregational leaders gathered together across 20 different locations to participate in a conversation about the role of the local church in pursuing the common good. Each location heard from a compelling slate of national speakers as well as local […]

Articles | October 24, 2017

The Biggest Reason the Church Must Say Something About the Economy

by Greg Forster

The church must talk about work. But talking about work is not enough—the church must also teach and affirm that we are social beings. So, the church must speak about faith, work, and economics because the economy is a social enterprise. The economy isn’t merely numbers on spreadsheets. It is not talking heads on TV […]

Articles | October 19, 2017

An Alternative to Handouts: 50+ People Hired off the Streets for Meaningful Work

Unemployment in Pastor Beier’s neighborhood of Woodlawn shuffles along at around 23%, and is one of their major burdens. How could they be a blessing to the underemployed and under-resourced neighbors and church members? Unemployment contributes to so many other painful realities. Consider these tragic statistics:   41% of children in our 60637 zip code […]

Articles | October 17, 2017

How Whole Life Discipleship Changes Cities: The Surge School Story (Part 2)

by Amy Sherman

What happens when literally hundreds of people in a city make the connection between conversations on faith and work and the conversation on community transformation? Well, we actually have some data. Because this is just what the Surge School1 initiative in Phoenix has accomplished. And its ripple effects have been very impressive. In 2007, pastors […]

Articles | October 12, 2017

How Whole Life Discipleship Changes Cities (Part 1)

by Amy Sherman

I’ve long been interested in two topics that might not, at first glance, appear to be critically related. The first is the integration of faith and work. The second is city transformation. We will not see revitalization in our cities without individual congregants coming to a deep understanding and practice of whole-life discipleship. Congregants need […]

Articles | October 10, 2017

How Can Leaders Pursue an Integral Life?

by Luke Bobo

In July 2016, Tom Nelson gave a lecture entitled “The Pastor’s Integral Life and Leadership.” While Nelson was specifically addressing pastors, this talk is certainly applicable to leaders, for the sake of their flourishing. Below are selected excerpts from his talk. . In The Beginning At creation, “God is presented and reveals himself not only […]

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