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Articles | April 15, 2020

What if no one did your job?

by Tom Lutz, Heidi Unruh

In a state of emergency, some workers are considered “essential” and others are told to go home. Workers in the essential category have the opportunity to reflect on the value of their work. This is intuitive for such frontline roles as healthcare providers, law enforcement, and grocers. But this crisis helps us see more clearly […]

Articles | December 20, 2017

Dorothy Sayers: Why Work?

by Dorothy Sayers

In this classic reflection on the value of work, Dorothy Sayers challenges readers to think beyond the monetary results of our labors and consider axiological questions like “Is that product good and useful?” and “Is that work valuable?” Ultimately, according to Sayers, work is not a thing one does to live, but rather the thing one lives to do.

Articles | November 15, 2017

Pastor, Visit Your Congregants at Their Workplaces

by Justin Buzzard

Being a pastor means being about relationships. My first responsibility as a pastor is to know and love God. My second is to know and love the people I pastor, encouraging them to flourish in their relationship with God, our church family, and our city. One of the most effective ways I can do this […]