Ten Ways to Share Your Faith in the Workplace: WITHOUT SAYING A WORD


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Product Description

All of us can get our priorities out of order and this book is meant to encourage us to work in ways that will bless us and make God known to others. If we will let God align our perspective with His Word, then we’ll be able to see the changes He wants to make in us. Transformation happens when we believe that God loves us just the way we are and actively trust that His ways are better than ours. We don’t have to be flawless to start walking with God; we simply need to be willing to be led by the One who promises to make us perfect. In writing this book, the Lord brought to my attention some of the times that I let my pride, greed, and insecurity get the best of me. I’ve added a few of my weak faith moments to let you see how silly and shortsided it is to not trust in God while doing our jobs. This book is perfect for small groups to read together and go through the questions at the end of each chapter. I suggest taking turns reading out loud the chapter and starting the conversation by asking if anyone wants to comment on anything that spoke to them. Then, go through the questions. I’ve included example answers (real responses not necessary the right ones) to help get everyone thinking. Please ask God to reveal to yourself how you really respond and interact at work before you answer. I know for myself, sometimes I can be quick to respond with what I should be doing and not what I actually do. Remember, God works through our admission and confession to lead us into repentance and change for our life. Listening to our friends without judging, sharing the truth about us, and praying for each other will encourage everyone to open up and let Jesus go to work in our lives.