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A powerful 10-week film-based exploration of what it means to follow Christ in the modern era.

The ReFrame film project is a dynamic and thought-provoking discipleship course that helps everyday people connect the Gospel with all aspects of life—everywhere. ReFrame’s vision is to unleash the Church’s missional impact in society by helping ordinary Christians live out the Gospel in their workplaces, coffee shops, gyms, labs, homes, retirement, cities: the whole of life, everywhere.

This 10-week video-based course helps Christians explore how the Bible and the power of Christ reframes our lives, and invites us to reframe our world with him.

You can learn more and preview two episodes for free at the Reframe website.


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    Repetition is a good teacher’s aid. The ReFrame creators apparently subscribed to this pedagogical axiom because each episode (following episode #1) begins with this main premise: “the incarnation, life, death, burial, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ should radically reframe how we view and do our work.”

    The aesthetic and audio quality of this resource is top-notch; the theological teaching is accessible (although this teaching is likely suited for the new believer in Christ). And most importantly, the teaching is supplemented with testimonials from a wide range of people — from a car salesman to a coffee supplier to a factory inspector to a lawyer to a stay-at-home mom.  

    The main presenters, other spokespersons and those giving testimonies are quite diverse – ethnically, geographically, racially and vocationally. The length of episode (nearly 40 minutes) is ideal and each episode provokes questions. Pastors/facilitators must think carefully about the similarities and differences in the challenges that white collar and blue collar workers face while using this resource and supplement appropriately.

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