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Join host Michael Matheson Miller on a journey around the world to explore the foundations of human flourishing, and learn how people are moving toward partnerships and pursuing entrepreneurial solutions to poverty rooted in the creative capacity of the human person made in the image of God. Meet religious and political leaders, entrepreneurs, missionaries, and renowned development experts, and discover the powerful resources Christianity brings to the pursuit of human flourishing.

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    Acton’s 6-part series on alleviating poverty in developing countries is truly a moving and inspiring experience. The human stories of imago Dei bearers are heart breaking, on one hand; yet there is reason to hope as well. Each part of the series is undergirded with beautifully sound theological, moral and economic principles for the sake of human flourishing.

    Each part is over 20 minutes long; however, the content is so compelling and incredibly moving that the viewer’s attention is grasped from start to finish. Any United States Church currently engaged in charity efforts to developing countries — which at times does more harm than good — should postpone these efforts, and watch and discuss this well-crafted series first as it will give you new eyes to see how to help the “least of these.” Of course, for the discerning viewer, principles can be gleaned for alleviating poverty and the debilitating cycle of dependency for the poor in the United States as well.

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