Honor Others With Love


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Workmatters Studies are designed to be facilitated discussions. No “teacher” necessary. Everyone learns together from the Bible, the stories and from one another. And you can start one any time.

There is one easy-to-use guide complete with facilitator notes and scriptures so anyone can facilitate a meeting. There is a free Facilitator Guide to walk you through each step of the way. You can do it on your own, or grab a small group of people.

Honor Others With Love

10-session study based on Jesus’ example

Discover that love is the most powerful tool you have for true success at work.

You’ll grow as a leader by:

  • Applying the great commandment to a workplace context.
  • Understanding how to abide with God at work.
  • Identifying practical ways to love others at work.
  • Demonstrating true servant leadership through loving others.