Hope for the Workplace – Christ in You


Using real workplace stories and discussion questions at the end of each chapter, Dalgetty illustrates how the Christian worker can “bring transformation and hope to his or her workplace.”

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Product Description

Author: Bill Dalgetty

Bill Dalgetty draws from extensive experience in business and workplace ministry to examine the challenges faced by Christians seeking to live out their faith in today’s workplace. Readers will discover practical tips for:

Dealing with a difficult boss or colleague
Maintaining integrity and ethics in business decisions
Balancing family and career
Seeking excellence in one’s work
Caring for co-workers

Relying on scripture, Church teaching, the writings of both Catholic and Protestant leaders, and fifty real life stories of people in the workplace, God’s solutions to these common workplace issues are set forth in a straightforward, conversational style. The author shows how we can accept God’s offer to dwell in us and allow the Holy Spirit to empower us to bring hope and transformation to our workplaces.