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Our network includes a rich blend of pastors from inside and beyond the city of Pittsburgh. As a pastor’s network for the common good, we want to help pastors cure souls and care for the city.

With a tradition in the realm of faith, work and economics that stretches back more than 30 years, our network has strong ties to the Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation, the Coalition for Christian Outreach, local seminaries, and thought leaders and practitioners who have been working to strengthen the church and the culture of the city for decades. Much of our work includes helping pastors to live integrated lives that will allow them to be whole as persons and effective as pastors.

Cure of Souls

Some of our gatherings focus on the care of pastors with a particular emphasis on helping them to become clearer about their vocational calling and the craft of pastoring congregations here in Western Pennsylvania.

Care for the City

At the same time, we place a great emphasis on how to collaborate with one another to make our city flourish through the work, rest and play that we offer to God as our worship, as churches gathered on Sunday and scattered throughout the city from week to week.

Information, Integration, Institutions

  1. Information: From book recommendations to monthly lunches, we are eager to help pastors gain knowledge about a life that fully integrates faith culture and vocational stewardship personally, in the life of the church, and in the life of the city.
  2. Integration: We want pastors to take the knowledge they gain and integrate it into the ways they do their craft as pastors, how they live their lives at home, and how they live as citizens within the life of the city.
  3. Institutions: Because many churches have a gap between Sunday’s worship and Monday’s work, we are always striving to help pastors and their congregations disciple, conduct liturgy, do mission, preach, teach, and pastor in ways that integrate all of life so that churches and cities can flourish.

Upcoming Events

Monthly Pastor’s Lunch Gathering

First Thursdays Monthly at 11:30am EST
Everyday Cafe
520 North Homewood Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15208
To request more information and reserve your spot, please email Terry Timm


There are no upcoming events at this time.

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