City Network Leaders: Ben Dockery, Moy Mendez and Raul Delgado


We are a group of pastors in and around the Chicago metropolitan area that is passionate about helping our congregations connect their faith to their work.

As your city network leaders, we would love a chance to get to know you, hear how Made To Flourish can serve you, and have an opportunity to understand what God is doing through your ministry to equip disciples for integrating faith, work, and economics.

One of the main ways we connected is through events, especially our bi-monthly breakfast or lunch conversations. At each of these gatherings, we have a wonderful meal, talk about FWE in our local churches, discuss an article together, and have time for Q&A and prayer. Made to Flourish will cover the costs of your meal, and if you bring a friend servicing in vocational ministry, you will receive a free book on faith & work.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

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