Sermon Outlines

Integration Tools | August 28, 2015

Sermon at Commissioning Service for Teachers

This is the outline of a sermon delivered at a commissioning service for teachers at Bethany Community Church (Seattle, WA).  Thesis: seeing our work as contributing to the common good. Video: Keep being awesome! How can you not love that kid, he already thinks you’re awesome? Teachers are pretty incredible- If you are, or know […]

Integration Tools | June 14, 2015

Sermon Series Outline on Work from First Presbyterian Oceanside

From The Flourish San Diego Collective Academy. Sermon #1: Created to Work Genesis 1:1-28 We are created to WORK We are created in the IMAGE OF GOD God is CREATIVE God is PURPOSEFUL God wants me to continue the GOOD WORK OF CREATION My work is to cultivate BLESSING in the world Work is an act […]

Integration Tools | April 9, 2015

Unbelievable: Easter Spoken Word

by Dave Ripper

Definition 1: Not able to be believed Unlikely to be true Improbable, Implausible, impossible Like Big Foot, Vampires, the Loch Ness Monster Things you doubt can be real . . . like The Resurrection? Is there any connection? Unbelievable Definition 2: Something so incredible, remarkable, phenomenal Beyond the imagination, like salvation That it makes you shake […]

Integration Tools | September 1, 1997

Work in Worship: A Collection of Material for Work-Themed Services

by Theology of Work Project

Written by David Welbourn and shared by the Theology of Work Project, this is a collection of material for those compiling work-themed services. This is a gold mine and amazing equipping tool for those seeking to integrate faith and work more fully into their corporate worship! Here are the contents: Section 1: Prayer Material for Services Section […]