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Articles | June 15, 2017

Enthused Pastor in the Urban Core

by Luke Bobo

I interviewed my good friend, Cedric Rowan for this piece.  Cedric and I have been friends over 30 years. We attended the same public high school in Kansas City, MO, and the the University of Kansas together.  Cedric pastors First Baptist Church in Kansas City, KS.  I refer to him as Ced. (Luke) How long […]

Articles | June 13, 2017

How Congregants Reflect God’s Labor

Earlier this month, we challenged our network pastors to visit their congregants at their workplaces – and you can still participate in The Pastor’s Challenge: Workplace Visitations. Whether you’ve been visiting congregants for awhile or are boldly taking this step this summer, we encourage our pastors to keep looking for ways to better interact with […]

Articles | June 6, 2017

Now What? Practical Ways Churches Help People Connect Sunday to Monday

by Matt Rusten

In preaching, there is always a move from the “what” of the text (exegesis), to the “so what?” of the text (hermeneutics), to the “now what?” (application) for our lives. What is the text saying? So what? Now what? A similar move is necessary when churches seek to help people connect faith to everyday work […]

Integration Tools | June 5, 2017

The Pastor’s Challenge: Workplace Visitations

Pastors tend to meet their congregants at church or in a home, or perhaps at a neutral site like a coffee shop. Less common is when a pastor goes out to meet a congregant where they spend the majority of their time—in the workplace. Since people spend the majority of their lives outside of church […]

Messages | April 19, 2017

Discipleship with Monday in Mind at The Gospel Coalition

by Tom Nelson

The gospel speaks into every nook and cranny of life, including the work we’re called by God to embrace for his glory and the furtherance of the common good. Tragically, many church leaders fail to adequately equip congregants for their vocational callings. What’s really at stake when our gospel-centered churches fail to connect Sunday worship […]

Articles | March 14, 2017

Scripture: Mark 1:19-20

If I Follow Jesus Should I Quit My Job?

by Mark D. Roberts

We’ve all seen the effects of the sacred-secular divide because it often prompts the question – does my job matter? To really follow Jesus, do I need to quit my job and become a pastor? Referencing Mark 1:19-20, Mark Roberts of the Max De Pree Center for Leadership offers us great insight into this question […]

Book Reviews and Summaries | March 1, 2017

What Do You Do For A Living?

This common question often becomes an identity marker that intertwines with our self-worth. In this short book by Justin S. Holcomb, readers are challenged to think about their work in light of who they are in Christ. Below is an exerpt. The Bible portrays “calling” in a way that put these two meanings together – the […]

Integration Tools | February 12, 2017

Visit Your People Where They Work

by David Gill

For twenty years I have been urging pastors to visit at least one of the workplace members of their congregation per month in their workplace environment, whether that is an office downtown, a factory, a farm, a restaurant, or a day care center.  Wherever our people work, let’s go visit them.  So often we meet […]

Integration Tools | February 11, 2017

Six Specific Steps To Connect Pastors To Their Workplace Disciples

by David Gill

It is a rare pastor who has any trouble seeing the biblical mandate — and the practical importance —- of connecting with the day-to-day, in-the-trenches lives of one’s congregants.  It is right there in front of us in Scripture and in the life challenges of our people. But it is also rare to find workplace […]

Integration Tools | February 10, 2017

Commission Your People for Their Work

by David Gill

We believe and we say that Jesus Christ is Lord of the whole life, including that one-third or so of our lives we spend working (or preparing/studying for work — or looking for work).  Sometimes we need a visible way to emphasize and even celebrate a theological truth like that.  Here is a simple but […]

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